Facts & Figures


Land :
One Acre of land in the heart of Guntur, Brindavan Gardens. Present value of land Rs.250 Million.
Buildings :
4 hostel buidings total area 1 Lack Sq.Feet , value Rs.70 million
Meeting Hall with Dias :
Seating capacity 1500 persons
Dinning Hall :
300 Nos at a time.
Kitchen :  
Most Modern Kitchen where food for 1500 persons each time can be prepared
Gym :
Modern Gym for hostel girls
Bus :
55 seating capacity for JKC College students.
Computer Lab : A modern air conditioned Computer Lab with 50 desktop computers and Wi-5 internet connection is available for hostliers use. Hostilers are trained in different computer coruses here.
Water Tanker :
12000 Litres capacity water tanker for summar shortage
Mineral Water Plant :
Modern Mineral Water Plant sufficient for all the inmates.
Dicipline :

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited. Any hostel girl found with cell phone will be sent out of hostel. 50 pay phones are available for girls in the hostel premesis to communicate with parents.
Boy friends, thefts are of the issues where girls will be debared from the hostel.

Hostel Admission System :
Only girls from rural areas who got admission in and around Guntur colleges (50 km radius) can apply for seat. Those who hail from surrounding villages of Guntur with bus facility will not be admitted. Admissions are by merit. For telugu medium village high schools 10 %, for already hostel student 10% weightage is given. Every year fresh admission is given. Two donors of Rs.1 lack each or one donor of Rs. 2 lacks can recommend one girl for admission (whose marks are not less than 60%) for out of merit seat.
Financial Assistance :
Appliations are invited from those who are poor and needy. A scholarship of Rs.5000 is given on merit selection. Special, Very special considerations for girls without a parent and without both the parents will be given respectively (irrespective of marks)
Donors :

a. Donors can contribute Rs.5000 for one student scholarship for one year.
b. Donors can contribute Rs.10,000 for two student full expenses for one year.
c. Donors can contribute Rs.50,000. The same would be kept in deposit and every year one student would be given a scholarship of Rs.5000 (interest amount)for life long.
d. Donors can contribute Rs.1,00,000. The same would be kept in deposit and every year two student would be given a scholarship of Rs.5000 (interest amount)for life long.
e. Donor can contribute Rs.1,50,000. The same would be kept in deposit and every year one student would be given Rs.15,000 (interest amount) full expenditure of the year for life long.

Note To Donors :

a. Donor can choose the girl to whom the schorlarship has to be given.
b. Donor can nominate the village or area or district from where the girl has to be chosen.
c. The Student who receives the schorlarship will be in touch with the donor by email, letters etc till she settles in life. In this aspect girls are being educated, that how the donor feels when he/she Learns about the welfare of the beneficiaries.
d. Donor can adopt a student and pay amounts every year till she completes the education.

Coaching Classes :
As soon as students are admitted in the hostel an english test would be conducted. Those who fail in the test must go for english coaching classes arranged by hostel management in the hostel itself. Same way any girl needs coaching, tutors would be engaged in the hostel itself. Except in rare cases students are not allowed to go for outside coaching classes.
Hostel Fees for 2011-12 :

a) Room, Establishment and food Rs.18,000  for whole year
b) Room Establishment and food Rs.20,000 for whole year(new hostel)

Note: All the commercial hostels charge Rs.30,000 and Corporate College Hostels charge Rs.60,000 per year per student.

Food :

Hygenic balanced diet (unlimited qty) is served in the hostel

a) Breakfast: Daily one variety & milk.
b) Lunch: Veg lunch with dal, Veg Curry, Chetney, Sambar & curd Cup.
c) Evening: Snack with milk.
d) Dinner: Veg dinner with dal, Veg Curry, Chetney, Sambar,Rasam & Curd Cup.

Note: Weekly twice egg and sunday lunch chicken is served.

Governing body :
This body is elected by the Executive Committee from among themselves. Day to day  affairs of the Samithi is run by this body which consists of President, Two Vice-Presidents, Hon.secretary, Treasurer, Two joint Secretaries and four Members. The governing body meets every month to discuss and take decisions regarding  administrative & financial matters. The tenure of this body is three years.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:This body consists of 250 members who are elected by the General body from amoung themselves. Executive Committee meets once in every six months and reviews the work done by the Governing Body and gives necessary advices for the development and smooth running of the samithi.The tenure of this committee is three years.
GENERAL BODY:This body consists of about 1000 members and meets once in a year to review the Samithi activities. General Body members elect Executive Committee members.

Academic Committee :
An Academic committee has been formed with eminent people in field of education. Coaching for Civils, Group I & II and other competitive exams is being started under the supervision of this academic committee.
One Manager, One Asst.Manager, Ten Wardens, One Kitchen Warden, Cooks, Helpers, Ayas, Sweepers and Security guards etc help for the smooth functioning of the Samithi. 
Students List (2012-13) :
B.Tech 1st_year B.Tech 2nd_year B.Tech 3rd_year
B.Tech 4th_year CA / CPT Degree 1st_year
Degree 2nd_year Degree 3rd_year Inter 1st_year
Inter 2nd_year MBA 1st & 2 nd _year Msc 1st_year
Msc 2nd_year MCA 1st_year MCA 3st_year


Admissions 2013-14


  1. Main Campus :

           New Block : Rs 21,000/- (Inclusive All)

           Jr & Sr Block : Rs 19,000/- (Inclusive All)

           (Bus Fare for JKCstudents): Rs 1,000/-

  1. CNH campus : Rs 19,000/- (Inclusive All)

  2. JPH campus : Rs 17,000/-(Inclusive All)